Sunday, February 10, 2008


Some time ago, I finished a year of biweekly blog posts to the on-line version Psychology Today. Meanwhile, I have set up this site as an information center and a link to my books.

As for frequently asked questions about my other work:

I continue to practice psychiatry. I see adult patients weekday afternoons in Providence, RI. To arrange for a consultation, please phone my clinical office, at 401-421-1250.

I speak nationally and internationally. For inquiries about speaking engagements, please contact the Lyceum Agency.
For literary matters, please contact Andrew Wylie at The Wylie Agency, 250 West 57th Street, Sutie 2114, New York, NY 10107, 212-246-0069 or

My most recent essays are this front-page essay on antidepressants for the New York Times Sunday Review and this review for Slate. Under the "Presentations" heading at this website (above), I've posted the text of a talk, about whether the way we diagnose depression is leading to a "loss of sadness" and another updating my concept "cosmetic psychopharmacology." A link to a round table about psychoanalysis follows.

Regards to all --

Peter D. Kramer

[partly updated January 2010]